Christoph Weigert

Born in Bavaria I spent the last years in the beautiful and wild capital of Germany, Berlin. I love working with people, sharing breakthrough moments with them and seeing their lights go on while they experience something novel. Having spent a lot of time as a client and a person being coached myself (and still striving to improve myself on many fronts), I understand how people that enter a process of Coaching feel.

What else? (Answered in third person)

•Authored a real (not 20 pages in e-format) book about the power of the imagination (only available in German, SOON in English)

•Studies and loves Martial Arts as well as Breathwork

Has led various workshops

•Learned physiotherapy and a body-centered approach for working with (emotional) trauma

•Has a deep passion for writing, has written numerous poems and a yet unpublished novel

Interviewed leaders of the mind-body sphere before Podcasts were a thing

Organizes Massageparties

Loves traveling, exploring foreign places, meeting new people and learning new languages

My philosophy

Empowering your imagination is the key, all the other methods listed are there to increase your energy or take away problems (and stress) that stand between you and the realization of your dreams.

„If a person’s view of what he really desires in life is born out of a highly limited imagination, who knows what desires might lie on the other side of those limits?“

-Jon Rappoport