Physical Exercises to generate FLOW

This quick video shows you two different exercies that help you to tap into the flowstate. Do check it out and start walking around them trees! 😉

Breathing and Energy Cultivation

The exercises shown in this video are essential to keep your energy high throughout the day and „clean yourself“ from bad energy that you might pick up throughout the day.

My late teacher, whose third eye was wide open, said that there are actual spider webs of shitty energy in our cities (he was speaking mainly about New York City since he did not often go on the road).

Guided Meditation

This guided meditation has you as its hero! It´s designed to open up your space and give you far out experiences (by traveling to other places).

It also has a nourishing effect and brings you into contact with different archetypes. Enjoy the ride! 😉

The Art of Conscious Projection

The Video is about the art of Conscious Projection. I dedicated a whole chapter in my upcoming book, „The Power of Imagination“ to it. I wrote this chapter as a response to the 2020 Lockdown/Quarantine insanity. Here I copy for you the whole chapter, enjoy!

Quarantined? What Harry Potter would do

What actually is a Quarantine or Lockdown? It´s probably something different for every individual, but I think there is also a general aspect about it. The Quarantine shrinks our space. Our physical space (by curtailing our freedom of movement), but also our mental and emotional spaces. Picture a boiling pot, full of feelings and energies and somebody just snapped a lid onto it. So the pot bubble boils A LOT. This can show as all kinds of emotions like anger, anxiety, sadness or an implosion of the pot which might show as depression or nervous breakdown. So, what would Harry do?


The magical solution to this state of affairs is called projection. One might ask, what is that? Projection is all around us – all the time. It´s a cornerstone of our existence. We project when we smile and when we talk. If someone stands at the other side of the room, you have to amp up your voice to successfully project to them. It´s also the vibe we give off. Basically speaking, we radiate something all the time. We cannot not project. Yet, it´s no one-way street. It also comes towards us. The world constantly projects our way. TV and every shining display, and the news, massively project in our direction. Every movie and series project at us. As does the music we listen to. Every time your phone rings or vibrates, it projects at you. People working in media project for a living, but most are probably doing it unconsciously. When we look at the cinema, we see a troika of projection. A video projector throws the movie onto a screen. The screen narrates and radiates something our way. In psychotherapy they recognize negative transference. There, they say, the client projects old, unhealed emotions onto the practitioner. And if the practitioner is not careful (conscious), he might engage in „counter-transference“ which means he´s projecting something onto the client. And as this „couple“ can project back and forth, we also project emotions onto the cinema screen.

Projection is all over the place. Usually way more projections come our way than we consciously throw out into the world. And this adds to the pressure felt in the boiling pot.

Conscious Projection

That´s when Harry Potter, Darth Vader, mythological dragons and martial artists come into play. They all project consciously. In Harry Potter´s case, they come out of his wand. Darth Vader uses the force to lift and choke someone from across the room. The dragon flies through the sky and throws (projects) flames, which can be interpreted as vital energy, through space. The martial artist uses his mind, Imagination and an outstretched hand, to press a tree that´s 30 feet away.

How to project

You need to project consciously and with power, to take pressure off the pot and expand your space. There are three things which add power to our projections:

Physical power, our breath and the content of our projections. To engage physical power, it´s a good idea to walk. You engage many of your muscles and you´re moving through space. On top of that, add the power of breath. You walk, and you project on your exhale. You want to make your breath sharp, sudden and fast. I usually exhale from the nose, but feel free to experiment with the mouth as well.

What to project

We can project everything. Thoughts, feelings, ideas, colors or pure energy. Find something that stirs you, that´s exciting and juicy. This gives an extra punch to your projections. For some people this could be: diamonds, crystals, health, love, friendship. Or a certain energy or cause that you want to send into the world, like: your business, your art, peace, or just pure and powerful energy. It can also be an „obscure“ desire like flying or teleportation.

To get yourself started, make a list of things that you desire. Each day add new words to the list. Then take one of these words, put it in the center of a blank page and draw five lines around it. Let´s say I put happiness onto the paper. I then put things onto the line, which are for me related to happiness. That could be: inner smile, holidays in Cuba, children playing with balloons, tropical summer nights, dance.

Then you take either happiness or one of its spin-offs and project it. Choose the one that seems the best for you on a given day, which can change every day. By projecting your desires, you will not only get a clearer sense of what they mean to you, but you also step onto the road of manifesting them into your world. Furthermore, it helps to get unfulfilled desires moving and have them no longer swamp your space. That will transform frustrations and disappointments and fill you with fresh energy.

Where to project

Let´s say you are walking in nature or on a quiet street. Project onto, and into, a car, a house, a tree, a river, the sky and the clouds. Also project into the sun, onto the pyramids or into the Atlantic Ocean. The further the better. It´s all about opening and widening your space. And how can you project into something that you cannot see? Well, you have to use your Imagination!

Getting into it

You have to do it with full force. Throw yourself into it with power. Do it as if your life depends on it, because half-heartedly gets you nowhere. To amp it up even further, assume that the quality you want to project is already abundantly within you. Let´s take health. Assume and feel yourself full of health – and then project it out. To go even further, try this:

Take up the role of a person or being that you feel is a powerful and natural projector. Imagine yourself being Harry Potter, a dragon or whatever comes to mind, and project from that role. (Remember the Magic Theater).

What else?

When you become light-headed, stop immediately. It´s a new kind of muscle and power that you are building, that takes its time. Go with one thing to project for 10 minutes and then move on to the next. Try to build yourself up to an hour. If, while you are projecting, something ecstatic and exciting pops up, go spontaneously with that and project it!

If you cannot or feel not like doing it outside, there is a way to do it inside.

Get in front of a wall. It´s the same as outside but instead of walking, you shadow-box against the wall. That means you throw a punch into space and project with your mind into the wall. (You don´t punch the wall with your actual hand!) Also try powerful movements with other parts of your body and project from them. It will help open these specific areas up for you.


Besides widening your space(s) in times of Quarantine, people doing this kind of projection have reported the following benefits:

⦿Feeling healthier

⦿More energy

⦿Telepathic communications

⦿Feeling centered

⦿Answered questions

⦿Less drama


In relation to this book, projection has two basic aspects: first, it´s an exercise that strengthens your Imagination in a physical and spatial way. Remember the interview with the participant of a study in which he influenced the balls to drop more to one side over the other. It helps you to understand that your mind can extend the limitations of your body. Then, it´s also a way to work on your desire or dream. By projecting your dream you are in a sense already bringing it into the world. Remember the man who danced his desire of flying. He needed to somehow tap into that desire and express it, so it no longer „stuck in his craw.“ And projection is another way of tapping into, honoring and expressing your desire.

Discovering your Purpose or Passion

In this short video (less than 7 minutes) I talk about:

○layers that our dreams and passions can go through

○mistakes and misconceptions people have of that process of finding your purpose, passions, dreams etc.