Coaching Program

Did you know that, according to The Creativity Gap study by Adobe, 75% of people feel that they are not living up to their full creative potential?

One might ask: „What is so bad about it?“

Well, too many humans today feel like they’re only going through the motions in life. Not particularly unhappy, but definitely not excited. And this translates into unfulfilling careers and lives, but also relationships that disintegrate instead of taking off into new heights.

Many people do realize that this is the case with them, but they never take action until it is too late. They deeply regret it when their life approaches its final stages…

„I don´t regret the things I´ve done. I regret the things I didn´t do when I had the chance.“


Everyone wants to make breakthroughs into a more abundant life. Everyone wants to feel the rewards of such a life. Everyone wants to feel alive, connected, happy, relaxed, free and inspired.

To get there, a person has to take into account a few major factors:

⦿Coming up with a desired goal/dream/passion/purpose (I use them synonymously)

⦿Making a plan to reach the goal

⦿Carrying out the plan

This sounds simple, on the surface, but there are other factors that come into play—more basic issues:

⦿Using imagination to really grasp what is desired in life

⦿Formulating that as a goal

⦿Using creative power to fulfill that goal

⦿Handling stress, problems and roadblocks

Working toward a goal that doesn’t inspire you will, in the long run, drain your energy!

At the same time, you want to have practical strategies that will bring you closer to fulfilling goals.

You could summarize this as head in the stars, feet on the ground.


EVERYONE who lives a fulfilling life works that way: Head in the stars, feet on the ground.

So in coaching clients, I operate in exactly that direction: What is the highest dream of this person, how can that be set as a goal, and how can this person enact a plan to get there?

There are clients who already know precisely what they want and are moving toward fulfilling it. But they feel a gap, a blank, and that hole is “lack of imagination.” These people feel their lives are too mechanical. They want more “free energy,” more inspiration, more creative range, more „magic.“

In these cases, I concentrate on opening up the person’s imagination so it can be accessed. I use techniques that introduce, for example, more spontaneity.

And then there are people whose basic stumbling block is stress.

Other people suffer from a lack of energy.

Stress and lack of energy can be addressed by Breathwork, Taoist Energetics and Turn On work.

There are still other people who fall down when it comes to executing strategies. So I focus on that.

People who are afraid to speak their truth because of the fear of being judged, benefit from Social Freedom work.

During the Coaching, you will also learn about common mistakes that people make when pursuing their dreams and how to avoid them to save time, money and energy.

This is for you, and it will help you, even if you´ve tried every other method that´s out there before. This is, because this is no method, I´m not putting you into yet another box and have you follow the magic steps 1, 2 and 3. You will get out of all the boxes you were ever put in and get into contact with your essence, which is your imagination.

And this will lead you into a happy, inspired, fun and meaningful life.

Coaching Details and Bonuses

⦿write to me and schedule a free call where we see if working together makes sense

⦿I expect commitment and dedication, the coaching happens in blocks á 4 one-hour sessions

⦿a block costs 350€ and is to be paid in advance

⦿coaching is delivered via Zoom/Skype etc.

⦿the first 5 people to sign up get one hour of coaching extra and for free

⦿first 20 people to sign up receive a free (+shipping) and signed copy of my book once  it´s printed

Forget about finding the crack in the cosmic egg. You are the crack. You, creating. That’s what everyone has been looking for.

-Jack True